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Unprecedented Abundance: Economic Reality - Peer Through The Illusion

$1 trillion is $1000 billion, and we have $100 trillion in the United States alone. Let that sink in for a minute… $100 trillion written out it is: $100,000,000,000,000.00. Wrap your mind around that. 
Imagine how we could evolve society, for the benefit of everyone, with just a small fraction of $100 trillion. Seriously, think about it. Do some research for yourself. See for yourself what could be done with just 1% of $100 trillion. What could be done with $1000 billion? Let your mind run with it. We have 100 piles of $1000 billion. Imagine the possibilities.
Here we are, in a technologically advanced society, withat least $100 trillion in wealth… and what is the present economic reality for the overwhelming majority of Americans? After all, $100 trillion is enough to give 100 million families a million dollars each.

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